BTI Refurbished

Meals and Menus:

     We at Lake Comedero Lodge, pride ourselves in preparing for you, the most enticing meals anywhere around. Although you will be miles away from the luxuries of the city, you will dine as if you were in the "finest of restaurants".  

     We will give you a variety of cuisine, both traditional Mexican and down home American, that will surely satisfy your taste buds. Starting with dinner on the night of your arrival and ending with breakfast on the day of your departure, each meal at our table will give you new meaning to the phrase "Camp Food".  We have included our daily menus, so you can see what we mean.

     Please feel free to inform us of any foods that are not suitable for you, due to allergies or dislike. We will adjust your meal to suit your needs.

All Dinners serviced with complimentary glass of wine, beer, or Margarita.