BTI Refurbished

    Your Arrival

      In reparing for your trip to Lake Comedero Lodge, you will find several airlines available with daily flights into Mazatlan. Your local travel agent will be able to assist you with the best rates and schedules. After booking your flight, you will need to furnish us with your flight itinerary (flight # and estimated time of arrival) to assure you that we will be on time to greet you at the airport. If you would like for us to arrange your flight and/or Hotel reservations for an additional stay in Mazatlan, Please let us know. We will give you a choice of Hotels and rates along with brochures and flight itineraries to choose from..

Please remember, you will need your passport on hand as you cross into the country..

As your plane prepares to land, your heart will skip a beat at the breathtaking aerial view of the beautiful resort city of Mazatlan. Known, by one and all, as the "Shrimp Capital of Mexico", Mazatlan is located on the Pacific West Coast line of the state of Sinaloa and is one of the newest and upcoming beach resorts that Mexico has to offer.

At the airport you will be greeted by the Charter Ole' Tour Guide Service of Mazatlan and driven to the lake. Remember to have your confirmation number ready for us to see at the airport and upon arrival at the lodge. Because we are located ninety miles from Mazatlan, complimentary beverages and snacks will be provided for you to enjoy on your trip to the lodge.    


Now prepare yourself for a step back in time and enjoy a real life view of an "Old Mexico Postcard". As we cross the Tropic of Cancer, you will view the sights of Old Mexico and it's native surroundings. You will recognize some of our local crops being farmed here, along with tropical crops of bananas, mangos and other fresh fruits. The cobblestone streets of the historic mining village of Cosala is host to a beautiful old cathedral and a quaint town square, complete with park benches and a large gazebo used for local fiestas. The people of the small colonies ahead and their unique ways of living is a most humbling sight. Carrying water from their local water supply up to two miles to reach their homes and minding their meals over ovens made of stone, is proof of the pride and commitment held by these self sufficient people. 


The open range will give you the opportunity to see cattle being herded from field to field and burros roaming wild through the mountain range and along the roadway.   Winding through the Sierra Madre Mountains with it's panoramic view, brings us to an almost unbelievable break of greenery. "Presa Presidente Jose' Lopez Portillo Dam", better known as "Lake Comedero". Here we have established our home away from home, "Lake Comedero Lodge" and extend, to you, an invitation to enjoy four fun filled days of non-stop fishing.


      See all that Mazatlan has to offer!  History.... Nightlife.... Relaxation.... and great Bass Fishing !!!